Humlebæk, Denmark, 1999

Pentti Sammallahti


The Harmony of Light

Kahitsukan Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

Pentti Sammallahti was born in 1950 in Helsinki, Finland. In 1969, he started a ten-year project of photographing the origin of Finland, which led him to travel around the world, including Finland, to capture animals and nature landscapes on film.
In Finland, there is a phenomena called “the midnight sun” in the summer which is a period of prolonged dusk, and “the polar night” in the winter which is a period with no sunrise. Much of the country is covered in forests, which turns into beautiful snowscape in the winter along with the frozen lakes. The abundant yet harsh natural environment of Finland has allowed Sammallahti to develop a unique sense of aesthetics, which is reflected in hits works.
This is the world-renowned Finnish photographer Pentti Sammallahti’s first ever exhibition in Japan.

Kahitsukan Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

10:00 - 18:00

Admission accepted 30 mins before the venue closes.

Adult: ¥1,000
Student: ¥800

Closed: 4/11, 4/18, 4/25, 5/2

* This exhibition cannot be accessed using the KYOTOGRAPHIE passport ticket, please pay a separate entrance fee.

Kahitsukan Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

271, Gionmachi, Kitagawa, Higasiyama-ku, Kyoto, 605-0073

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