Passport tickets allow for smooth check-in at each venue, which is very convenient.

From a total of 8,300 yen for a single museum ticket (general) for 11 venues
The “Passport Ticket” is quite economical.

It entitles you to one admission to each of all venues during the exhibition period.
Just check in at each venue for smooth and convenient entry!
With E-Passport, you can save it on your iOS smartphone or other devices for safety and convenience!

This year is also the 10th Anniversary Special Edition, and out of a total of 10 exhibits, there will be 3 large-scale exhibits and 2 free exhibits.
In addition, the “Kyoto Citizens Discount” has been launched to further deepen ties with the local community!

Let’s enjoy Kyoto in spring and KYOTOGRAPHIE in spring together!

Passport Ticket

On sale April 9 (Sat) – May 8 (Fri) 3:00 pm

E-Passport ticketGeneral ¥5,000
Student ¥3,000
Available at the KYOTOGRAPHIE Online Shop.
Paper Passport TicketGeneral ¥5,000
Student ¥3,000
Available at each pay venue, bookstores, hotels, and other affiliated sales outlets
Kyoto Citizen Discount
(Paper Passport Ticket)
General ¥4,500Sold only at Information Machiya. Please present personal identification document to verify address.
Weekday Passport
Available on weekdays except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Not available for sale at each venue.

Stores to buy Passport

Books Ogaki Kyoto Honten
Books Ogaki Karasuma Sanjyo-ten
Books Ogaki Horikawa Bunka Building-ten
Books Ogaki AEON Kyoto-ten
Books Ogaki Takano-ten
Books Ogaki Takatsuki-ten
Books Ogaki umie-ten
Hyatt Regency KYOTO
Umekoji Potel KYOTO

*Advance tickets will be sold until the closing time of each store on April 8.

About Ticket Types

Paid Venues and Free Venues

There are two types of venues for KYOTOGRAPHIE: “paid venues” and “free venues.” To enter each venue, you will need either a passport ticket or a COVID Registration Card.

Number of venues and admission procedures

Paid venues 8 … Passport, or single exhibition tickets will be accepted.
Free venues 2 …  Entry with passport or COVID Secure Registration Card

Ticket Types

【Passport ticket】One admission to each venue during the exhibition period.
【Single ticket】  Pay admission fee for each venue.

What is the Corona Safety Registration Card?

In order to prevent the spread of new coronary infections, this card is used to register admission to each venue. This card is required for admission to free venues and for admission to single theater tickets.
Passport ticket holders do not need to use the Corona Safety Registration Card, as they will register the same information at the time of purchase.


About Entrance

Be sure to read

Protective measures against the spread of COVID-19

Prevention of infection in the venue

Staff infection prevention